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OEM Cosmos Model 4100 Roll-On Applicator
Designed to be mounted above or beside a product conveyor. Labels are dispensed, matching the speed of the conveyor, allowing for a smooth application of the label onto virtually any product or surface.


  • Label Applicator: OEM Cosmos Model 4100Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Powered waste rewinder
  • Stepper Drive Motor for feed rates up to 1200” per minute
  • Spring loaded drive handle to allow easy label loading
  • Easily adjustable supply roll tension clutch
  • Thru-beam label detector
  • Stainless steel peel edge
  • Product sensor (several standard types) or open contact triggering package
  • MADE IN U.S.A.


  • Wash down duty
  • Servo Drive for feed rates of 2500+ inches per minute
  • Clear label sensor
  • LCD Label Counter: Displays number of labels dispensed
  • Programmable (preset) Counter: Allows unit to be stopped automatically after preset number of labels.
  • Ink or hot stamp imprinters
  • Corner or side wrap for labeling up to two additional sides