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Hot Melt Inks

Flowjet Inks Elmark Packaging announces the Flowjet Inks product line for Markem printers using the hot melt ink technology. Flowjet Inks are excellent for hot melt ink applications used with Small Character Inkjet and Large Character Inkjet coders.

Flowjet Inks – 10 pack ink blocks are used in Markem 9064, 9096 and 962 series printers for small character inkjet printing. Our 10-pack hot melt ink blocks offer savings and improved performance over the current OEM ink consumable. Our 10 pack ink blocks paired with Markem’s small character inkjet printers provide tremendous value with darker prints and longer life ink blocks.

Flowjet Inks – 6 pack canisters are used in Markem 5000 series printers for large character inkjet printing. Our 6 pack canisters paired with Markem’s large character inkjet printers create an unbeatable combination of reliable operation with significantly improved print quality and performance.

10-pack ink blocks for small character applications
Six-pack canister for large character applications


Benefits of Flowjet Ink Technology

  • Capable of printing text, logos barcodes and graphics
  • Adheres to flexible films, coated cartons, glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard and rigid materials
  • Adheres to substrate from room temperature to freezer conditions
  • Environmentally friendly/no hazards
       -Solvent free – No MEK
       -No mess
       -No chemical odor
  • Unique formulation jets ink "cleaner" than OEM ink
       -Potential for less maintenance issues
       -Improved efficiencies and uptime
       -Increased reliability
  • Can match/exceed the OEM ink consumable while delivering significant cost savings to your bottom line
  • First class packaging
       -Ink is contained in a secure, solid tray protecting it from breakage unlike the OEM packaging
       -Cartons, boxes, and trays all identified with part number, color, and “for use in” information
       -Custom packaging design allows you to use standard packaging as a dispenser for the ink
  • Lot number traceability
  • One ink to choose from vs. seven from the OEM
  10 Pack Ink Blocks6 Pack Ink Canisters
Markem Printer Series 9064, 9096 and 962 series5000, 5200 and 5400 series
Printing Application Small Character InkjetLarge Character Inkjet
Colors BlackBlue Black Blue