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  • Stainless steel cover has no dirt traps and provides a surface off which liquid naturaly slides.
  • IP55 rating - the new enclosures design is ideal for washdown environments such as food packaging, without the added cost of factory air.
  • Autoflush of the printer and conduit at shutdown ensures trouble-free startups.
  • Mistake-proof ink and solvent refilling.


  • Printhead designed specifically for two-line printing and uses an intelligent jet control system for maintaining print quality.
  • Printhead temperature, time of flight and ink pressure are all managed by the printer for trouble-free viscosity control and consistent print quality, with no need for manual intervention.
  • Sealed printhead valve system for clean, reliable startups, even after extended shutdowns.
  • Clear, simple user interface with WYSIWYG message display means messages are created, selected, edited and printed right first time.


  • Designated to minimize the need for user intervention.
  • Running parameters are monitored and adjusted by the printer, with clear on-screen diagnostics.
  • The user never needs to open the enclosure, thus reducing potential damage to critical components.
  • No manual printhead adjustments required.
  • Up to 50 messages can be stored and selected via a preview screen for easy identification.
  • When printing is finished, simply pressing one button will shut down the printer and switch it off.