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The Originator of Automatic On-Line Label Application on Vertical and Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal Packaging Machines.

Label Applicators: Mini Pro 25Mini-Pro 25
A small, automatic, electric, variable speed label applier.


  • Special Promotions
  • Special Features
  • Special Needs
  • Prime Labeling


  • Compact—designed to fit restricted places on packaging, filling and wrapping equipment
  • Light Weight/Portable—15 pounds and easily carried to area of need-easily mounts in any position with minimal bracket support
  • Applies die-cut label up to 2 1/2” wide
  • Solid state electronics with variable web speed to 712”/minute

Design Specifications:

  • All electric, solid state—115 VAC
  • Extendable and adjustable peeler bar
  • Handles up to label rolls, 10”
  • Star wheel label sensing
  • Adjustable label stop position
  • Micro-switch label activation
  • Feed roll slack-brake for even feed
  • Right and left hand versions available
  • Optional photo-electric product sensor

Mini-Pro 25HT
Compact label applier designed for non-contact direct on-tube, on-bag application on vertical form/fill and other packaging equipment where there is Label Applicators: Mini Pro 25HT limited access.


  • Reclosable Bag Seals
  • Price Labels
  • On-pack Coupons
  • Special Promotions

Special Features:

  • Blow-on non-contact 
    label delivery
  • Removable in minutes for storage or use on other equipment
  • Direct on-bag placement 
    after bag former
  • Fully operator-adjustable 
    components: position, reach, 
    angle, speed
  • Simple low-cost components 
    & maintenance
  • Quick, easy liner waste 
  • Permits right-angle label application
  • Adjustable length peeler bar assembly
  • Applies round, rectangular, 
    and most special shape labels


  • Electric, solid state reliability - 115 VAC
  • Requires air - 60-80 PSI
  • Applies die-cut labels up to 3-3/4 x 3-3/4, other sizes available
  • Stainless steel & anodized
    aluminum construction
  • Handles 10” max. diameter roll on a 3” ID core
  • Weight 35 Lbs.

Mini-Pro 60V
Label Applicators: Mini Pro 60V
Elmark Packaging introduces the Model 60V for automatic application of a full range of die-cut self-adhesive roll labels or coupons to bags as they are formed, filled, and sealed on most makes of vertical bag machines.

Primary Applications

  • Price Labels
  • Prime Labels
  • On-Pack Coupons
  • Special Promotions
  • Bar Codes
  • Nutritional Info
  • Reclosure Labels

Special Features

  • Positive Label Placement with 
    Adjustable Tamp/Wipe Flipper
  • Optional Blow-On Delivery
  • Sealed AC Stepper Motor Drive-
    No Break or Clutch to Wear
  • Long Runs Between Changes
  • Photoelectric Label Sensing at
    Peeler Plate Eliminates Missed
  • PLC Controls
  • Adjustable Length Delivery Arm
  • Simple Installation and Operation

Label Applicators: Diagram