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In all phases of the manufacturing process reliability is the key. The REA-JET is a robust system which can be used under utmost environmental conditions such as: 

  • Rea-Jet Ink Jet printerdust
  • humidity
  • vibrations
  • any temperature
  • aggressive media

REA's printhead technology allows for high reliability with very little need for maintenance.

High-speed printheads ensure an excellent print quality at high conveyor speeds.

The operating facility of the system, in dialogue form, is user-oriented and can easily be understood.

Should maintenance be required, the modular design of the whole system will enable you to simply and quickly replace the system components. This feature reduces downtime costs considerably.

  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Low price

The REA-JET has been developed for all-round applications. The printhead and the controller are waterproof and dustproof (IP 65). Due to its modular structure it may be used as a standalone unit, or be integrated as a computer controlled component of a larger system.