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Xymark VW50

The Xymark VW50 uses a 110W laser and dual galvameter beam scanning to deliver high performance printing of variable information on a wide range of materials, both moving and static. Finey controllable laser power allows delicate materials to be coded at low speeds, while difficult-to-mark materials to be coded at slow speeds not previously possible. The system can generate 500 characters per second and print at speeds up to 250 m/minute depending on substrate.Packaging Solutions: Xymark VW50 laser beam coder

The Xymark VW50 is easily programmed via a colour touch-screen keyboard and display. With its 90 x 50 mm print area and choice of 20 scaleable fonts, the system can produce up to 25 lines of alphanumeric text and intricate graphics, making it possible to print both fixed and variable information on packaging materials on-line.