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Xymark BB1 and Xymark BB2

The Xymark BB system has been specifically created for high speed/high volume label coding applications. Designed for easy integration into the production line, the system has a compact coding head and is sealed to IP66, making it ideal for space-restricted and wet environments. In addition, there is a remote keyboard which allows the unit to be programmed some Label Printers: Xymark BB1 and BB2 laser beam coder distance away.

The system is fully programmable, allowing batch codes, 'best before' dates, serial numbers, and other variable information to be printed at high speed. 

Available in two variants - the Xymark BB1 and the Xymark BB2 - the system can code 1 to 3 lines of text, with message heights ranging from 2.5 mm to 7.5 mm.

With its ability to code up to 2000 characters per second, the Xymark BB1 can mark up to 45,000 labels per hour with clear, good quality codes. The higher powered Xymark BB2 is capable of generating up to 3000 characters per second and can mark up to 75,000 labels per hour, making it the system of choice for high speed bottling lines.