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ELMARK developed MINI-PRO line of Compact Labelers solved the Snack & Confectionery industries’ dilemma of how to efficiently & economically apply promotional labels, & instant redeemable, on-pack coupon labels onto retail bags.

Previous to this customer oriented solution, companies would manually hand apply these label structures in-plant at great expense & time consumption.

The MINI-PRO Compact Labelers mount directly on all makes of Vertical Form Fill Seal Baggers & apply the labels / coupons on the bag film as it travels over the forming tube for accurate placement on the bag at production line speeds – resulting in optimal efficiency. 

Moreover, the compact footprint & value price efficiency of the MINI-PRO Compact Labelers has resulted in their usage in a wide array of other Industries & applications for simple automated label application.

Case Studies

Please follow the below links to explore a small sampling of the industries Elmark serves and learn about specific solutions we have provided to our customers. If your industry is not represented here, Elmark can still help! Just give us a call at 1-800-670-9688.