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When a labeling application requires a specially designed system, Universal is there. No other labeling equipment manufacturer can lay claim to as many uniquely designed systems as Universal.

Our success in custom labeling systems stem from our designer’s ability to “think out of the box”. Universal’s design engineers turn a customer’s concept into a custom solution.

Our years of experience in labeling has taught us how to make “application specific” systems efficient, yet affordable. In fact, over 60% of all Universal systems are designed to fit a particular customer requirement.

A Sampling of some Applications:

  • A Box Closure Labeling System designed to apply two clear tamper evident labels to the folded closure of computer software boxes. The system features a label “plow-down” roller wipe-down.
  • A CD spine labeler prints and applies a clear label around CD and DD closures that serves both as product identification and tamper evident product seal.
  • This print & apply system is designed to “wipe on” a printed label to the top and back of small boxes, then automatically side transfer them to the customer’s finishing equipment.
  • “Clam shell” labeling requires a label to be applied around openings of plastic food containers. The label serves as product identification and tamper evident product seal.

Making affordable custom systems exceptional is the rule and not the exception.

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