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Elmark has a staff of fully trained engineers and technicians to assist in all phases of your equipment lifecycle. Services begin with applications engineering to assist with identifying the most appropriate equipment solution and then transition to installation, commissioning and training. 

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On-site support is available and can be scheduled by contacting
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What Customers Think

“Andy knew exactly what was needed to get our applicator operating again. Many thanks for a job well done.”

Steve M.
Snack Food Manufacturer

“Bob arrived and quickly had solid ideas on how to fix our problems. The machine was back up and running within a few hours. Great job!”

Brian D.
Distribution Operations Manager

Maintenance Videos

CoPilot Controller – Service Procedures

In this video, Squid covers a number of common easy to follow and easy to perform maintenance procedures including – display replacement, mainboard replacement, and driver board.

Squid Ink CIJ Printing Systems – Print Head Cleaning

Squid runs through the steps to properly clean a JetStream and Streamline 5 print head. These steps can be done occasionally to ensure the crucial components of the print head remain in ideal working condition.

CoPilot 128 Active Hi-Resolution Printing System – Print Head Repair

In this video, Squid shows you how to repair and replace a number of components in the CoPilot 128 Active print head. These maintenance procedures include – replacing the print engine, removing and installing a new driver board, ink manifold replacement and more.

CoPilot 128 and 256 Print Head Service

In this informative video, Squid covers the steps to properly open the 128 and 256 CoPilot print heads and replace the ink lines, print engine, and other items that will help to keep your 128 or 256 print head running like new.

CoPilot 500 Hi-Resolution Printing System – Print Head Repair

In this video, Squid shows you how to properly remove and replace the print engine in Squid Ink’s CoPilot 500 print head. This step-by-step guide will show you how to replace the print engine in the field should a repair be needed.

Egg Industry Print Head Cleaning – CoPilot Printing System

If you’ve ever had an application that requires printing on the side of an egg carton, then you know how messy the print head can get. In this video, Squid shows you the steps to properly clean egg residue from your CoPilot print head to get your printing system working properly.

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